One-on-One Private Lessons

We offer individual tailor-made lessons in cultural settings around the city such as libraries, parks and cafes as well as at the residence where students are staying. This gives students an opportunity to work comfortably in the areas of Spanish language they have most interest. It also enables our teachers to focus on your individual aims and interests, helping you  improve your Spanish in a way that’s relevant to you.




Advantages of a one on One class



Your very own Spanish teacher!



The first advantage of having a Spanish teacher for yourself is obvious: you have the teacher just for you; no one else is in the class!



This allows the Spanish class to be exactly what you want and what you need it to be. You can focus on your particular needs without worrying about the needs of other classmates.


The environment of a One on One Private Spanish Class in Spanish Immersion School can also help students feel more comfortable and more at ease. It may be the element required to boost their confidence and get the student speaking Spanish as fast as possible.


Our students can decide how many hours of instruction they want per week, and when the course begins and ends.

A private teacher will work with the student to develop an individual curriculum that addresses the student's specific needs and Spanish requirements.

The custom-tailored curriculum can include:

• Communication Skills

• Pronunciation

• Vocabulary Building

• Writing Skills

• Listening Skills

• Grammar Review

• etc.


Private Classes can be arranged anytime, Monday to Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Evening and weekend classes are available upon request.


Please contact us to discuss your specific goals. We will be happy to put together a program that fits your needs and schedule.


Visits by appointment only.




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