About Oaxaca


Oaxaca is a testament to the rich history of Mexico, as well as its individuality as a state alone. This is an amazing place for anyone interested in learning more about Latin American history when studying abroad. Oaxaca City is filled with colonial churches, architecture, and monuments, not to mention a plethora of museums dedicated to the state’s past. About 10 kilometers outside the city lays Monte Albán. This was the capital city of the ancient civilization of the Zapotecs, and today is a well-preserved archaeology site. Throughout the state, many citizens still speak the Zapotec language, as well as other indigenous tongues. Some parts of the southern Oaxaca coast have an ethnic population of Afro-Mexicans, which tells the story of the slave trade in times past. All cities and towns in Oaxaca offer interesting historical elements, whether it be churches, ruins, museums, architecture, language, the people, or simply stories and legends of the past.


The average high temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is warmer on the coast and cooler in the mountainous regions, but the weather is never too extreme in Oaxaca. A volunteer or study-abroad trip to Oaxaca guarantees opportunities for a warm, sunny visit to the beach, perfect for surfing and sunbathing; a crisp, cool trip to the mountains, ideal for hiking with breathtaking views and an overnight stay by a fire in a cabin; and a tourism-filled day, walking from site to amazing site in Oaxaca City.





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