During this journey you’ll visit the two thousand year old tree, known as Tule, which is considered the widest in the whole world, with a diameter of 45 feet.


Your next stop will be the archeological site at Mitla, a former Zapotec city. Mitla means “city of the dead”. This site has buildings that are ornate with geometrical designs, which makes Mitla stand out from many of the other archeological sites in Mexico. Next, you will be taken to Teotitlan del Valle, a town that is renowned for its skillfully crafted woolen textiles.


After Teotitlan, you’ll have the chance to see the petrified waterfalls at Hierve el Agua, an amazing natural wonder. And last but not least, you’ll finish your journey in a very traditional Mexican way with a visit to a mezcal distillery. Here you’ll get to learn all about how this traditional drink is made and of course you can try a glass or two for yourself.



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