What is Homestay?


Homestay is a wonderful opportunity for you to experience the culture and lifestyle of Oaxaca with a pre-screened homestay host in a clean home and safe community.


Homestay provides a better personal and cultural experience, and a greater economic benefit than any other form of housing. In homestay, you have an opportunity to practice and improve your conversational Spanish speaking skills, enjoy the comfort and security of living in a private residence, and develop long-lasting friendships with your host. You do all of this while you pursue your educational or professional goals in Oaxaca.


Who are Homestay Hosts?

Your homestay host may be a family or individual. Homestay hosts have different interests, careers, and educational backgrounds. They are screened by personal interview, background check, and by a home visit. All our homestay hosts are Oaxaqueños who know the region and have grown up in the area.


What can I expect from my Homestay Host?

Expect your homestay host to be kind, show care for you, interact with you, provide guidance, and help you improve your conversational Spanish speaking skills through practice. If you wish your host can provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals at an extra cost. Your host family will have breakfast for you before your Spanish lessons begin. The mid-afternoon and evening meals won't interfere with Mexican cooking classes, and other daily offerings provided by  Spanish Immersion School. And if you want to try one of Oaxaca's fabulous restaurants, no problem, just let your family know in advance that you won't be eating with them.

Your room will be furnished, have good lighting, and have an area for you to study.


We work closely with Oaxaqueños of all ages, lifestyles and family dynamics. They rent room(s) in their house to Spanish Immersion students.  Not only do we handle the stress of finding a comfortable place for you to live but you also get the chance to live with locals and practice the Spanish you will be learning in class. Spanish Immersion Homestay is not just about putting a roof over your head; it introduces you to and integrates you into the language and culture of Oaxaca.


Please note that in order to register you must provide flight information details.



Single Room and Breakfast

$  20 USD/DAY


Single Room, Breakfast and lunch

$  24 USD/DAY

We can also help you to find a good hotel or hostel, if this would better meet your lodging needs. The choice is yours, just let us know and we will happily organize it for you.


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Matamoros 502, Centro, Oaxaca e-mail: oaxacaimmersion@gmail.com