Skype Spanish Lessons

Spanish lessons on Skype are another interactive way to learn Spanish. You will be amazed to see how the technology can help you get private lessons with a Spanish teacher as if he was in your living room.


When you feel relaxed at home or another favorite place, you can learn more in a shorter time. Just launch Skype and your Skype Spanish lesson can immediately start!



The advantages of Spanish lessons via Skype?


Simple: Skype is a great way to learn Spanish with native-Spanish teachers wherever you are. You just need the latest version of Skype, an Internet connection and a headset.


Interactive: With our Skype Spanish lessons, the Spanish lessons are very interactive. Because you are on the Internet, you have access to a lot of resources like articles, exercises, and the teacher can type new words or expressions to you.


For all levels: while you and the teacher are speaking, you can see some vocabulary coming up to your screen. It's very useful, especially for lower levels of Spanish.


Even cheaper: because the communication from computer to computer is free, Spanish Immersion School can offer you the best price!


 Your Skype Spanish teacher is there just for you and gives you everything

you need to develop fast. Take your first step towards better Spanish

and book a trial Skype Spanish lesson now.


E-booking system

• plan your Skype lessons

• 24/7 availability

• automatic time zones

• email lesson reminder

• notes from each lesson


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