Why Choose Our Spanish Immersion Courses

We believe that a relaxed and friendly environment is essential for effective learning and our commitment to high standards ensures that students' time at the school is a rewarding experience.


Unique Learning Experience


We offer a friendly atmosphere in our classes, making students feel comfortable, safe and confident during their time with us.


Innovative Approach


We use an innovative, communicative approach to teaching. Lessons are fun and interactive with a high level of student involvement. In addition to stimulating and contemporary materials, we employ a variety of different methodologies. We believe that a relaxed and friendly environment is essential for effective learning and our commitment to high standards of achievement ensures that your time at the school is a rewarding experience.


High-Quality Teaching


We keep our teaching team up to date with the latest ideas in second language acquisition. We have staff meetings every week and teacher training sessions every other Friday afternoon.  During these collaborative meetings, we introduce new ideas and techniques, discuss the particular needs of students, and plan for future lessons. To have regular meetings like this is unique in a language school, but we believe it is the best way to maintain the proper level of professional development for our staff and care for our students.


The Best Spanish Program in Oaxaca


Why is the Spanish Immersion School program better than any other course of Spanish study?

Spanish is now taught in schools worldwide, but many people have not had the opportunity to learn the language well, or to speak it easily. Most people missed out on second language acquisition as a child and find that it is much more difficult and less intuitive to learn languages as adults.  Traveling may teach you how to understand directions, find the bathroom, and how to order in a restaurant, but traveling alone will not teach you to engage in legitimate conversations in Spanish. Busy professionals can’t take years to learn by taking classes a few times a week. Nor can they take three or four weeks for an immersion program that instructs for 3-6 hours a day in one-on-one class. Also, most other courses are not designed to meet the personal and professional needs of each individual student. The Spanish Immersion School addresses these issues.


We provide the most intensive total immersion Spanish learning program anywhere. We provide 3-8 hours per day of immersion instruction and conversation, with a ratio of one mature, highly educated instructor to one student for the majority of the time.


Only the Spanish Immersion School provides you with the opportunity to engage with Spanish professionals and culture at ground level.  You will live in a real community and meet a variety of people, all while learning to speak and understand Spanish in a structured, unintimidating way. The instructors are professional and highly educated; each has had immersion language learning experiences, so each instructor understands what it is like to try to speak another language as an adult.  Our instructors also guide you in experiencing the real Mexican lifestyle; traditions, food, conversations, humor and everyday activities that you will never experience just by learning in a classroom, or even by traveling.


In our program, you get more for your money than any other program. For the weekly fee, you can dramatically increase your Spanish fluency.


In addition, only we can offer all the wonderful activities available year round in the beautiful city of Oaxaca (many of which are included in the course price). Relaxed Spanish conversation at the Spanish Immersion School is unique in offering both a course of study and a wide range of activities that are completely flexible so that each client’s exact needs and desires are met.


As you will see, our program offers the most flexible and professionally-oriented immersion Spanish language study and the most fun available through any Spanish language program in the world. Think carefully about the things you would like to become proficient in, or participate in, and then communicate your interests to us. This includes specific career, professional, and personal goals. The future is yours!


Instructor Evaluation Form


All our students have to complete an instructor evaluation form at the end of their Spanish classes so that Spanish Immersion School has continuous feedback in order to provide the very best service and Spanish language classes.





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